1. "You could see that Pierre
    did truly love the mademoiselle”

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  2. rommy:

    Otis Redding - I’ve Been Loving You Too Long (To Stop Now)

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  3. radtracks:

    go all the way // raspberries

    but now i’ve changed
    and it feels so strange
    i come alive when she does all those things to me

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  4. physicalgraffitea:

    The Downeaster Alexa // Billy Joel

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  5. theidentitymad:

    This video is so retro, it’s kind of painful to watch. And yet, I might be obsessed with it. Just do yourself a favor and watch, because it’s so worth it.

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  6. iwantcupcakes:

    U2 - Stuck In A Moment (You Can’t Get Out Of)

    Don’t say that later will be better.
    Now you’re stuck in a moment
    and you can’t get out of it. 

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  8. suicidewatch:

    Roy Orbison “It’s Over” 

    oh tumblr, baby. why you gotta go and break my heart? we had such a good run together. I thought our love was real…but it was just a dream.

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  9. musicengineer:

    Miss Misery - Elliott Smith

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  11. everythingloureed:

    To be honest, My Name Is Mok is one of my favorite songs from Lou’s 1980s catalog.  It’s taken from the 1983 flick, Rock & Rule, which is a great slice of early 80s animation in the Heavy Metal vein.

    The rhythm section is what gives the tune its power, with Ellard “Moose” Boles’ heavy basslines and Michael Suchorsky’s uncharacteristically concussive drums.

    Lead Vocals and Guitar: Lou Reed
    Keyboards: Michael Fonfara
    Guitars: Stuart Heinrich, Chuck Hammer
    Bass: Ellard J. Boles
    Drums: Michael Suchorsky
    Background Vocals: Avery Sommers, Heather B. Withers, Trudy Bayne
    Recorded at RCA Studios, NYC

    I’ve always wondered about this being recorded in ‘83, since Lou last played with this band (studio or live) in 1980.  It’s entirely possible the music tracks were demos or previously recorded tracks that were recycled for the movie.  No Rock & Rule soundtrack was ever released.

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  12. thisisnotporn.net


    Alfred Wertheimer


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  13. dwsc:

    New York, I love you

    But you’re bringing me down

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  14. Robin Williams sings Bruce Springsteen’s “Fire”
    voiced as Elmer Fudd


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